Monaco Grand Prix Travel Guide 2019

May 26, 2019 2 min read

Monaco Grand Prix Travel Guide 2019

Whether or not you are a Formula 1 fan, Monaco during this time of the year is well worthy of a visit!


Circuit de Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix is arguably the most renowned and prestigious motor race in the Formula One calendar. Attended by celebrities, royalties and public figures, the Grand Prix is definitely an exceptional location of prestige. Monte Carlo poses the most glamorous atmosphere, in a setting of stunning natural beauty and rich history with breathtaking seaside views intersected by two distinguished boulevards, the Boulevard Princesse Charlotte in the west and the Boulevard des Moulins at its southwestern end.

The event falls around the height of the summer heat in Monaco so here are some quick tips to ensure you'll have a great time.

Did you know that you can follow the race aboard a boat? Conquer Monaco like a VIP by indulging in Monaco's decadent and luxury way of life by getting rental seats aboard a comfortable boat in the port of Hercules, surrounded by luxury yachts. Your dream of participating in the Monaco Grand Prix will be truly unforgettable! A lightweight mini dress will allow you to soak up the sunshine on the deck.

After you experience the Grand Prix, take it easy and dedicate some time to learn more about Monte Carlo’s history by visiting the Prince’s Palace of Monaco Museum. More than a museum, it is home to the ruling prince. Here, you can have a tour of the elegantly decorated palace and learn about the princes that ruled Monte Carlo. You will also have the opportunity to view H.S.H Prince Rainier III’s private car collection.

There are many fashionable shopping streets in this exclusive city, such as the Avenue de la Costa and Avenue des Beaux-Arts which are home to high fashion Italian and French retailers like Hermes, YSL, and Bvlgari, among others.

If you're an art fan, you have to check out the legendary Avenue Princesse Grace. Named after Grace Kelly, Princess consort of Monaco, it is the considered as the most expensive street in the world because it is home to remarkable art galleries, including the Kamil Galerie du Forum and Maretti Arte Monaco. Nail your art-appreciation look with a wide-legged, high-waisted pant paired with a white cap sleeve top for that elevated classic look that is also comfortable at the same time.

Lastly, gourmands have endless choices on where to eat. For delicious and unpretentious eats, head over to Stars 'N' Bars, a popular sports bar in the area serving American favourites next to the harbour. Swing by Café de Paris next to the Place du casino if you're craving for brasserie-style food next to the casino. If private dining is your vibe, La Villa Archange is the place for you - this two–Michelin star spot is only ten minutes from the Boulevard de la Croisette. When dining out, wear a wrap dress that flutters right above the knee to give you an effortless yet sophisticated and bold look. Steer clear of sky-high heels and opt for comfortable shoes.

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