Rental Clothing Is The Future of Fashion

August 25, 2019 4 min read

Rental Clothing Is The Future of Fashion

Here's a challenge for all of you fashionistas out there: make time to do a great closet clean-out and tell us how many clothes you have hanging in the racks gathering dust.

Don't worry - we've all been there before. Your clothing racks, shelves, and drawers are overflowing with dresses or gowns you only wore once (hardly twice) to special events likes weddings, galas or charity events the past few years. We are pretty sure that you also have plenty of clothes that still have price tags on them! The casual overconsumption of clothes has become a compulsion for many of us. That's because we live in a world where the culture of 'newness,' the result of the rise of consumerism, is considered the new normal.

We now live in a time immersed in the idea of 'sharing' and truth be told, this concept is nothing new. We've been sharing things, information and even knowledge all throughout our lives but these exchanges only take place in an informal basis with our families, friends, colleagues, neighbors and essentially, people we actually know. But, the rise of digital communication (specifically the internet) has changed the way we connect with others. It paved the way in making different types of exchanges between people who are previously strangers to each other.

Over a decade ago, the idea that you can 'couch surf' or sleep in a stranger's house while on a vacation in a different country with just a few clicks, would seem like a very bold and dangerous decision. Through the years, we have seen the undeniable success of companies in the sharing economy like Airbnb and Uber for providing consumers with network systems where they can rent products or service capacity. This concept has inevitably tapped on the fashion industry, hence, there has been a growing interest in consumers' attitude with renting clothes.

Hello, Generation Rent!

The future of fashion is not about buying and owning anymore, it's about renting.

The constant change in fashion trends gives consumers the desire to 'keep up' by acquiring new clothes to wear leading to inevitable disposal of 'last season' pieces and accessories to make way for the upcoming round of new fashion to consume. This dynamic cycle contributes to our landfills getting overloaded. In the U.S. alone, the average American throws away 81 pounds of used clothing on an annual basis.

While the increase in environmental concerns among consumers has made renting clothes known, it was both the older and millennial generations' mindset of putting value on access and affordability over ownership that really made renting clothes skyrocket in popularity.

The Birth of Lady Jetset

Fashion trends change so fast making people apply a "one and done" approach to clothing. Due to social media, we all have the desire to wear a look today and move on to the new outfit the next day. People are wanting to rent more to keep up with what's current and new.

More and more women are embracing clothing rental services for a variety of reasons. Some rent clothes as a way to freshen up their wardrobes. Others rent dresses and gowns for attending weddings, galas, soirees, pool parties, and other special events or occasions. For Lady Jetset founder Bethany Sharp, renting clothes made perfect sense after a near-miss involving a connecting flight and a baggage claim delay. She and her professional racecar driver Scott Sharp, vowed to stick to carry-ons for their frequent travels. Bethany began to strategically plan her trip wardrobes ahead and have them sent to their hotel destination. Soon, Lady Jetset—a travel concierge service that rents high-end designer wear—was born.

"I thought to myself, what if all these new trending dresses that come out every season can be rented and sent to any travel destination in the world?,"says Sharp. "What if I could rent my entire wardrobe for my trip, wearing all the newest, most exciting trends on the price that one of them would have costed? Then, send them back after the trip and rent new ones for the next planned getaway."

Lady Jetset is more than just a fashion rental company - we exist to bring ease and concierge to all women in their travels needs. We are taking away all the hassle of over packing and losing luggage or not being able to bring what you want due to travel restrictions.

"Lady Jetset is more than reinventing the idea of rented dresses, I like to say it’s the new uber black of fashion shopping and packing. Lady Jet set offers women their travel wardrobe delivered to their destination, at the beauty of a rental cost," adds Sharp. "What makes wearing that incredible dress on the vacation even more ideal and convenient is being able to leave it hanging in your hotel room closet for someone else to dry clean and ship back."

Renting your travel wardrobe with Lady Jetset is very simple. Here's how it works:


Rent Designer Looks For Travel, Special Occasions, or Anytime from Lady Jetset

Browse through our collection and rent the looks you love with just a few clicks or send your itinerary at so that our stylists can customize your ideal travel wardrobe, delivered to your destination. Pack only your essentials, while Lady Jetset takes care of the rest. After wearing, just send the items back using the provided label and packaging. So easy!

Lady Jetset can be used for more than travel getaways. We can help you refresh your wardrobe with the hottest, trending fashion items. Rent your favorite pieces for the weekend to take you from brunch to cocktail drinks to dinners al fresco. Choose from beautiful gowns for weddings, charity parties, and other special occasions. We'll send it to your home, hotel, or any destination, ready to wear, and we’ll give you everything you'll need to send it back with ease.


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