Why It's Important To Get Dressed Up When Working From Home

Many of us have relegated to work from home status since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. Working from home means the demand for video conferencing has never been greater. How you look during video conferences can be just as important as what you say so dress your best before you answer that video call to gain maximum impact!

It's tempting to stay in your pyjamas when working at home - who doesn't want to feel as comfortable as possible in your own home, right? But if you think about it, dressing up for work even if you'll only be lounging in your living room creates a sense of structure and makes you feel more connected to your day-to-day work schedule. Looking great while working where you actually 'live' sets the tone for productivity and performance - like a work-mode switch is turned on! As a bonus, you can easily jump into various video call sessions throughout the day because you're already dressed up! Ahead, we have rounded up the best outfits you can rent from Lady Jetset to spice up your WFH routine right now.

MSGM Crepe Ruffle Mini Dress - Don't you miss wearing a little black dress? This Crepe Ruffle Mini Dress by MSGM is here to the rescue. The shift-style dress is slightly fitted to flatter the figure, with a short hemline and handy pockets at the hip. Quilted black fabric adds soft texture, while a ruffle adorns the high neckline and creates an asymmetrical sleeve at the right shoulder. 


MSGM Houndstooth Frayed Dress - You gotta love the 1990s style of the Houndstooth Frayed Dress by MSGM. A fitted bodice skims the curves, with a sleeveless top, wide lapels, and double-breasted self-fabric buttons. Extreme frayed edges add rough-chic texture at the shoulder, down the center, and along the short hemline skimming mid-thigh. Candy pink and white houndstooth checks bring summer-spring sweetness.



MSGM Stripe Ruffle Dress: We love the nautical-inspired styling of the cotton shirt dress by MSGM, with fresh white and blue vertical stripes. The perfect Spring hemline ends above the knee, with a cinched waistband to create soft curves. Oversized double-layered ruffles adorn the shoulders, cascade over the torso, and add floaty volume to the hips. The skirt is softly pleated, gently flaring for a flattering a-line silhouette, while the button-up front allows you to customize the neckline.



PUSHBUTTON Diagonal Midi Dress - Plaid: We love the unique lines of the Diagonal Midi Dress by PushBUTTON, in blue and white check. Featuring an asymmetrical hemline with contrasting red and white check ruffle, and an open back with ribbon-tie closure. A whisper of vintage vibes with a square neckline, statement puffed sleeves, and body-skimming silhouette. 

Here are some additional tips to help you look more professional and pleasant as you prepare for your close up.

1.) PICK A NEUTRAL BACKGROUND. As the saying goes, less is more. Ensure that your background is clean and free from any types of clutter like boxes, picture frames, food etc. The person on the other side will find those distracting!

2.) THINK AHEAD AND ELIMINATE POTENTIAL DISTRACTIONS. Let your family members know you'll be on a conference call so that they'll refrain from making noises. If you have toddlers, little kids and pets, it's best you lock your office door to avoid further distractions.

3.) POST-IT. Write down your ideas in post-its and stick them right next to you webcam so you won't forget any details if you're going to discuss something.

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