Lady Jetset Expanding Closet To Include Ski Gear & Winter Apparel

August 26, 2019 2 min read

Lady Jetset Expanding Closet To Include Ski Gear & Winter Apparel

Lady Jetset, a Palm Beach-based designer clothing rental company, will be expanding their offerings from designer dresses to include technical ski gear and après-ski attire this winter. This is perfect for travelers who are going to a cold destination, but don’t own sweaters, jackets, and cashmere appropriate for the snow or chalet.

Why invest and travel with all this cumbersome, costly attire they may only wear once?  It’ll all be shipped directly to the vacationer’s villa, cabin, or hotel, so jetsetters can fly like a minimalist. As an added benefit, travelers will make a unique fashion statement every time they step out on the slopes or cozy up next to the fire. They’ll never be photographed in the same outfit on multiple trips because they won’t be limited to what’s in their own closet.

Lady Jetset was founded by the husband and wife duo of Scott and Bethany Sharp to eliminate packing for vacations and business trips. The packing process of making decisions, re-folding, and worrying about exceeding the weight limit is time-consuming and stress-inducing.

Bethany Sharp, Lady Jetset Co-founder and President

“My desire to travel light and always have the latest designer apparel for less, sparked the concept of Lady Jetset. It’s a white glove concierge fashion rental service that delivers trendy pieces to your home or destination,” says Bethany Sharp, co-founder and president. “It’s the new Uber Black of shopping and packing. Whether you need a glam look for a special night out or you’re traveling for a weeklong voyage to Fiji or Aspen, we can cover all your wardrobe needs at the beauty of a rental cost.”

Lady Jetset’s website enables travelers to click on the items they’d like to rent for the duration of their trip. The concierge service ships the wardrobe to the customer’s destination and provides a return shipping box and label, so flyers can head to the airport baggage-free and return home without dirty laundry. Lady Jetset takes care of cleaning the garments.

A former celebrity stylist will soon be available on the website to assist shoppers with finding the perfect fit. She has an eye for size. She can take one look at a client and find her the perfect fit that hugs all the right curves. Lady Jetset is beloved by cast members of Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise, including Orange County’s Gretchen Rossi and Dallas’ Kameron Westcott.

Based in Palm Beach, Florida, Bethany Sharp is available for interviews over the phone and email, as well as in-person television appearances, to discuss travel, seasonal designer fashion, or the après-ski lifestyle. Lady Jetset can be tied into stories about corporate and leisure travel, including traveling to a conference, going on a holiday getaway with family, or attending a major event like Sundance Film Festival. Photos are available upon request.

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