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Lady Jet Set is a white glove concierge fashion rental service that delivers statement wardrobe pieces to your home and your travel destinations. 

Travel lighter with Lady Jet Set, reserve your luxe looks on loan and schedule them to arrive at your hotel or final destination, we’ll make sure they’re there waiting for you upon arrival. 

The Details:

Rent - Receive - Feel Beautiful - Return.

Let us send your vacation wardrobe to your hotel. 

It’ll be waiting for you, ready to wear. Less to carry, more to wear. 

Browse the LJS curated collection.Select your dream wardrobe.Select the dates you’d like delivery to your home or resort.Check out.We take care of the rest, delivering to your home or resort destination.Upon return, we provide everything you need to drop it in the mail.

The Wardrobe - The Travel Focus - The White Glove Service.

Our Founder, Bethany Sharp, curates a collection that is whimsical, glamorous, and classic. Her vision shapes the LJS travel wardrobes, providing exclusive access to the finest brands. Being a world traveler herself, while traveling with her husband and two daughters, she had the thought that there must be an easier way. In an unpleasant overnight flight overseas with her two girls(think sickness with little kids), she became determined to change the way she traveled. Her persistence, vision, and killer style formed Lady Jet Set. Bethany truly exemplifies the spirit of generosity, creativity and luxury and is determined to share this with women across the globe. 

Local, Same Day Delivery: If you're booking the look local any day, it'll arrive the same day of booking for Palm Beach, Broward or Miami Dade County. You’ll receive instant confirmation and ride tracking information as it travels to you! So stay by the pool and don’t lift a finger, we’ll be there before you can order your next cocktail.

 Book your desired start and end date for a 3-night rental, and receive an email confirmation with 2-day shipping tracking information. LJS offers complimentary 2-day shipping on all orders because we don’t want you to have to worry about a thing. Your order will be hand delivered to the shipping address provided by 8 pm on the first day of your selected dates. If you’d like next day delivery, simply book your look by 5 pm the day prior, and our Fairy Godmothers will get right to it, charging an additional $25 to hand deliver it to your resort, or doorstep, on the next day by 8 pm. And when its time to return, simply place your pieces in the resealable box provided with the return FedEx label outside your door, and we’ll send you an email to schedule your FedEx pickup by 12 pm EST on the morning after the third night.

Our concierge team will be happy to assist you in coordinating with your event and travel plans. Email us at soniak@ladyjetset.com or give us a ring and we will arrange custom delivery on a silver platter(well, maybe not a silver platter, but custom). 

We’re lounging by the pool in our brunchin’ beauty wear on Sundays, of course! We love to serve you all other 6 days of the week, but we take the day off(and so does FedEx) on Sunday to cultivate our vision and find inspiration. Please choose a Saturday or Monday arrival.

If you happen to be choosing a Thursday start day for your looks on loan, LJS will grant you one extra day to return your items on the following Monday by 12 pm.

Of course! We would be delighted to outfit you with your travel wardrobe, so that upon arrival, you’re ready for the occasion (brunch, poolside cocktails, happy hour, a soiree, or whatever comes your way).

If you have multiple destinations and need to stagger your deliveries or deliver to more than one destination, simply email soniak@ladyjetset.com and we will customize your travel plan for all of your jet setting. 

We will make sure your garment is steamed, inspected to perfection, tediously wrapped in a thin, fine plastic layer and gently placed in our garment bags. We then seal it with kiss, and hand deliver it to the post. 

If the garment should need to be steamed upon arrival(hopefully it won’t), we would just advise you to reach out to your hotel concierge for steaming services, or keep the steamer on low heat, if possible. Should you have any questions about care do not hesitate to reach out to soniak@ladyjetset.com, she’ll be ready and waiting to help you. 

As you're selecting your looks, please use our sizing charts to ensure fit. We also work with high-end designers and choose wardrobe selections that don’t typically have a difficult fit. That’s part of the secret sauce of Lady Jetset, we are very intentional in our cultivated collection. And on the off chance something doesn't fit, we'll do everything we can to get you a replacement style in time. If you feel at all unsure about sizing, please give us a ring or email us at b.sharp@ladyjetset.com and our stylist team can work with you to customize your order.

We love to allow temporary alterations, as we exist to make you feel beautiful! So please, feel free to use some temporary hem tape or iron on hem tape. Please contact soniak@ladyjetset.com if you’d like to receive our complimentary temporary alterations kit with your wardrobe.

Our stylist team is ready to assist! Drop a line to bethany@ladyjetset.com and we can help you find a replacement look. If the style you select is more expensive, we can simply charge the difference in price. If the style is less expensive, we will give you an LJS credit for the difference in price.

If there’s nothing else at the moment that will work, we’ll provide a Lady Jet Set account credit, less the cost of shipping.

To return, use the provided packaging and pre-paid label and return everything to us within 24 hours of receiving it.

Our same day delivery is a $30 flat rate and includes Palm Beach, Miami and Broward counties.

Be sure to secure those looks by 5pm for same day delivery!

Don’t worry, Sonia(soniak@ladyjetset.com) is on standby to provide you with a brand new, shiny return label in a PDF format delivered directly to your inbox.

You can simply package up your order and send it via UPS to the address below. Be sure to email us at soniak@ladyjetset.com with your new return tracking information.

Order #

Lady Jetset LLC
2000 PGA Blvd
Suite 4440
North Palm Beach, FL

You can book your look up to 2 months in advance. 

We love to help you travel light! If you're shipping to a hotel, please put the hotel name in the company field and the reservation guest in the attention field. We will work with the concierge team there at the resort to ensure that your wardrobe is ready upon arrival.

When you’re ready to send your pieces back, simply put them in the garment bag provided, and place the garment bag inside of the mailer envelope and seal with return label provided. Please return your order via UPS on your rental end date. 

The last thing we want you to worry about is a stain or a tear, we have insurance included in the cost of our LJS wardrobe, so don’t fret if it happens. 

If we aren’t able to repair the damage at LJS HQ or it doesn’t come back to us after wear, the fee is the retail price of the item. 

However, If you buy a new LJS look with our stylist team, we’ll name if after you and you pay for that new buy instead of replacing the original. And, you get the first wear. 

Sometimes you just can’t decide, or your events change and you need something else to look fabulous. The LJS team can swap your original item for another style within 24 hours of receiving it, less the cost of shipping. If the item you select is more expensive, we simply charge you for the difference in price. If the style is less expensive, we’ll give you a credit for the difference.

No need - we have it covered! 

If you must have a piece cleaned during your loan, please take careful note of the care instructions on the tag.

If there’s something you absolutely love, email us at soniak@ladyjetset.com and we’ll let you know when it becomes available for purchase. 

If you do need to modify your order, select "My Account". If the changes are made within a 2 hour window (for non-local delivery) you can change your rental date, sizes, or update your shipping address.

If it’s already been 2 hours, email soniak@ladyjetset.com and we will handle the changes, concierge style. 

If we don’t hear from you in 2 days, we’ll assume you’d like to keep that beauty and charge your account for the full retail price. If we’re able to reach you and it’s just a day late, we’ll extend a courtesy the first time. All further offenses will be charged $50 per day, so be careful little lady, and get those beauties back.

To cancel your order, contact us at soniak@ladyjetset.com

*LJS cancellation policies (the boring, but important fine print) 

Cancellations made prior to 15 days before your delivery date will result in a credit to your LJS account! This can be applied to any other order. Any cancellations fewer than 14 days before your delivery date will be non-refundable. Orders modified or cancelled the same day(within 24 hours) from when they were placed will be refunded to the original form of payment.

However, a very important however, if you have a fellow jet setter rent and drop your name within 1 week of cancelling your order, we’ll waive your cancellation fee.